IOS 14 Concept Design Bringing List View to Home Screen

Known for the leaks it has revealed about Apple products, iSpazio has designed a concept that brings a list view to the home screen. The design is based on leaks and information from iOS 14.
The iOS 14 concept, which has a completely different look, has emerged for those who are bored with the main screen design of the iPhone that goes in the same line. The concept, which gives the main screen a list view, was shared by iSpazio, which stands out with its leaks about the iOS 14 update.

Concept, apps, notifications, folders and all other items are in transparent boxes on the main screen. There are also badges that show the number of notifications coming to the applications in the list. In addition, below each application, there are articles showing Siri’s artificial intelligence and activities in the application.


Inspired by the leaked features of iOS 14, iSpazio has designed a brand new home screen display with various sorting options. For example, users can sort the list by recently used apps or apps with unread notifications.

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